past, present and future

looking those  timeworn photos
recounting sad, happy past
worth remembering all the love
sweet and sour memories buried
aching hearts gasping for fresh air
the songs, the prison visits
the exposure in communities
the marches and the rallies
the buddies, all comrades surround
counting 6-10 in line holding each other
the past approaches the present
a real dream like a vision from above
but the present becomes different
as we envisioned in the past
what passes will not be the same
past, present and future are circumstances
both connecting and disconnecting
in life grinding, high to low, flat and ascending
the struggles are unending, lingering
looking back and looking forward
captured political prisoners, released!
but there are still coming in
languishing in dungeon like quagmire
making the past a lesson, a reminder
a challenge to never give up
for today, a brighter tomorrow
keeping the hope, an inspiration
let the past a beautiful memory
keep moving, positive judgments
sweet thoughts for the present
oh my, it is nice to reminisce
listening Joey Ayala’s Sta Felomina, Mortal
Haring Aguila, Walang Hanggang Paalam…
the most requested through the evening
I am, still I am so much in love
with the music of the masses
holding on to the unending struggles
of the heart, of the mind, of the people
of the world, of the environment
and the whole universe in lamentation
hugging and releasing both, breath in and out
the past and the present to hold and keep
a future of total liberation for all those
believers of John Lennon’s IMAGINE
a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a neighborhood
hope and pray, someday we will join together
knitted and sewn like rainbow colors
like patchwork of love and justice as one
past, present and future for all the humans
a generation of new converts , advocates
prophets working for a just humane world
living peacefully, humbly and justly
in total abundance from the earth’s blessing
both a promise and a fruit of intense labor
where everyone dances in harmony
rising together in rhythmic cadence
beneath the rising sun in the east
very grateful, a beautiful world for us all to live

good morning friends 🙂
August 19, 2016 @ 2:37 am
edited August 22, 2016 @12:52 am


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