In any relationship, courtship, marriage, friendship, partnership to name among others, communication is very important. One asks me, “How is it?”  Communication makes the world moves, either the moves bring positive or not, still communication must continue. That is why communication is of utmost importance.

When we mean communication there are two ways: verbal and nonverbal communication.  If those who cannot speak are able to communicate through sign language how much more those who can speak, sing, etc. In the advance of technology, the deaf and mute are helped to speak and communicate well. Mobile phones can be used for texting/sending messages, call, etc… facebook, twitter to name a few where communication can be relayed, reached whatever as long the communication line is open. But when modern facilities are in and still communication stops, then there is really something problematic in the line.

How to communicate is not a problem if all involved are open. When we say BEING OPEN, we mean SPEAK, ACT and REACH OUT.  If he or she talks (confrontation or not) to you, then do not ignore! If he/she says something, then reply! JUST DO NOT REMAIN SILENT and IGNORE the one communicating to you because YOU ARE CLOSING THE COMMUNICATION LINE. When you do this, the very message you give to the other one is LET US STOP TALKING, when this happens communication becomes closed. 

Why one stops to communicate or react or reply? There are some reasons to consider:

1, He/she does not like you or who never cares?.

2, She/he does have other things or focus, so busy to give time for you.

3. He/she has something hidden from you, communicating may reveals something.

4. He/she declares you are no longer related, so better be distant.

So many reasons one may think but if communication stops between two in any relationship, when one of the two prefers to be distant, silent and no longer communicating, then do not expect to have a better relationship. That is the reason why couples, married people especially living in distant, STOPS COMMUNICATING. Then do not expect that things are better for your relationship especially when one has done wrong or betrayed,  That instead you sit down and talk, discuss things together on how you confront the problems your relationship is facing, when your marriage is in crisis  and instead to sort out things one is sulking and  one is not trusting then, really COMMUNICATION IS A MUST! Whatever happens, whatever ups and down in your relationship, DO NOT STOP COMMUNICATING. Even you are quarreling, arguing, fighting, they are still communication. So just do not stop! You will reach something in the end, just continue to have your communication open.

However, even when one tried to reach out, to communicate, to express one’s feelings and thoughts when the other remain silent, distant and stops communicating plus the fact you are living apart from  each other then it should be a MUST to the both of you to reach out the other. But if things do not change, then the best tip one can offer: First, WAKE UP! You don’t deserved to be ignored and be treated that way. It is always difficult to deal with adult who only grew physically and intellectually but not emotionally and psychologically. Second, STAND UP! Communicate the world, the door is open and wide. Reach out others who are willing to communicate. Continue to grow and learn beyond texting, phoning, facebook, twitter, etc… Open a blog of your own and communicate more, find more friends. Third, PRAY and MEDITATE to make you stay sane and focus in life. Fourth, HAVE CONFIDENCE with yourself that things positive are possible to come to you. Fifth, CONTINUE TO DREAM for the future are far and beyond and fulfill the many wonders of life into reality. Last, ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF and never stops communicating inwardly, outwardly and reach out others who long to have someone to communicate.

That is the value and essence of communication: verbal and non-verbal. go and do not stop communicating and never be the reason communication closes. 🙂  Remember there are persons who refuses to talk when they are guilty, when they are shy, when they are aware they bring pain to someone, when they are too arrogant to confess their wrong, when they realized they have not matured, when they have deep wounds hidden, when there are too many unfinished business in their life or when they are not sure how and what they feel for themselves and toward you. DO NOT FORGET: it is not you! Try to help and continue to reach out but never put too much expectation. Time never gets back when it passes. It is very difficult to make the days past come back. Life must go on and continue to communicate by living your life positively.


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