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Let us join the PRAY FAST BUILD Campaign!

Many among Christian Churches especially those with Catholic traditions, remembered and re-enacted the famous Last Supper and the Washing of Disciples’ feet by Jesus. Some churches made this as highlights of Maunday Thursday celebration every year. One thing given emphasis was the betrayal of Judas who sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. That betrayal caused two lives to perish: one for Jesus that led him to die on the cross “UNDERSTOOD AS HIS LIFE’S OFFERING TO SAVE US FROM OUR SINS” after he was tortured by the Roman soldiers and killed and for Judas who hanged himself on a tree, “UNDERSTOOD AS HIS ACT OF REPENTANCE. The Gospel according to John as read this evening gave emphasis to the command of Jesus to let us wash each other’s feet. The re-enactment is okay, no question about it but the challenge left to us today: is re-enactment enough? Both deaths continue to remind us: we are no difference from Judas if we continue BETRAYAL to exist till today and we failed Jesus command to wash each other’s feet.
Betrayal comes to us in many forms: individual, collective or societal. Some of us may overcome individually or collectively in our lifetime but societal betrayal continue to exist in varied forms till this very day: AS LONG AS THERE IS ONE CHILD GO TO BED HUNGRY EVERY NIGHT, WHILE OTHER FEASTS FOOD ON THEIR TABLE AND BARELY CAN SLEEP BEING OVER FEED, then Judas exist in us! Well, we flock to the church and feel touched with our celebration of the Last Supper and the washing of feet by the priests/ministers. We feel privileged if we are one among the “disciples” and our feet were being washed. Indeed we follow Jesus’ command! However, when Jesus command “wash each other’s feet” he was telling to the disciples and to us today: PLEASE, DON’T ALLOW ANY BETRAYAL ANYMORE! Let us be humble each other to look into the condition of our brothers and sisters, to value the life bestowed by God to us and to contain God’s promise of life’s abundance: FOR ALL. Or else, Judas’ repentance was never understood and Jesus’ offering His Life for us, remained misunderstood. 

PRAY, FAST and BUILD is a timely call for us to share something beyond prayers and wishes… let us always remember: faith without action is dead because PRAYER IS ACTION indeed!

Prayfastbuild vid
Let us join the PRAY FAST BUILD Campaign!



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