We can sweetly SMILE even our hearts are in pains

We can heartily LAUGH while keeping tears inside

We can daringly SING even out voices are out of tune

We can gracefully DANCE either on the right steps or not

We can happily JUMP like our kids when overjoyed

We can warmly HUG and let them feel belong

We can honestly COMFORT especially those in needs

We can intently LISTEN when stories are told

We can ardently LOVE with no conditions

We can fairly CARE our families and for others

We can gladly VOLUNTEER cleaning, washing, all the housekeeping

We can DO household chores the whole day till morning

We can fortunately BE A MOTHER for many

We can always be BEST FRIEND of our children and love ones

We can gently FEEL other’s pains

We can readily SHARE and lighten other’s burdens

We can willingly WRITE our life’s stories and experiences

We can  strongly WITHSTAND betrayal, neglect, disloyalty

We can strongly FACE rejection, denial, put-downs

We can calmly EXPRESS our anger like the Ilonggos

We can also BURST our disgust like thunders and lightning

We can cheerfully WALK with our buddies and friends

We can eagerly RUN for miles to keep fit and trim

We can bravely TALK and DISCUSS issues without needing alcohol

We can confidently ASK  questions when not clarified

We can easily ARGUE to find solutions

We can fearlessly RAISE our fist when needed

We can firmly SAY NO when our rights are violated

We can willingly BLOW candles and fire when our loved ones got hurt

We can courageously STRUGGLE with all the struggling people

We can willingly TAKE UP arms if need be

We can joyfully SERVE  the people especially the least

God listened to us, God comforted us all along

God gave us strength, God sent us genuine friends

God keep us tenderly in her loving embrace

God allow us to CRY our hearts OUT to Him!

That is why we can CONTINUE TO BREATH

With COURAGE, with the ENERGY of our inner wings

We can solemnly SOAR high, touching ground

CELEBRATING LIFE a hundred years to live

Yes we can, with all the positive vibes and with certainty

With our womanhood, sisterhood, motherhood and life’s bonding

Yes, we can do more even far beyond our dreams

Yes, we can do something even from out of nothing

Yes, we can without doubt because we are also called

Like Hagar in the Old, was told  a promise to keep

Like Mary and Martha, Jesus taught them the value of listening and doing

Yes, we can!  We are WOMEN of faith created in God’s image.

NOTE: This is a late post, a draft two years ago.  🙂  As we step to another month, April, leaving Women’s Month awaiting for next year, I would like to share a poem I wrote last March 4, 2014.  First it was  for my self. Originally, I was used instead of WE. But as I continue to thank God for keeping me strong for all the challenges I have in my lifetime, all the trying times these past years, months and days… without God, my children and God-sent-friends I can not remain as beautiful-stronger-person as I am today. Grateful to Our Loving Creator, soon I will  be celebrating my fifty-borrowed-years, a life bestowed to be enjoyed and to be shared with others.  I would like to dedicate this poem to all the women who dare to continue breath and offer lives in solidarity for  those who struggle life abundance for everyone, for all.  Yes, we can!


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