A prayer for all women

This prayer is dedicated to all women here and there, far and near, and down under and up there. HAPPY WOMEN’s MONTH TO ALL!

All Embracing Mother God,
with grateful hearts we continue to say THANK YOU for all the blessing
You bestowed upon us especially the breath of life,
the sisterhood, the friendship, the fellowship and our womanhood
the delight we feel and enjoy with each other amidst the joy and sacrifices in life,
as we endure to share each other’s load amidst life struggles for decent living;
to end all kinds of violence inflicted unto us, our children and environment;
to continue touch others to collectively break our silence;
without ceasing we will gyrate our hips and bodies to express our very strong
resistance for the injustices and violence of this world.

Dearest Loving and Caring God,
we thank you for keeping us united-spirited-women of faith stronger,
being resilient despite of typhoons and storm surges we experience in our lives;
jubilant even with tears in our eyes as we continue to listen, to hear,
to feel each other’s life stories, and life experiences encountered in our daily lives.
You continue to inspire us with your Great Example through
your persistent call to serve the least of our brothers and sisters,
to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God;
reminding us daily the divinity you shared to each one of us
to use it, to express it, to complete the fullness of our humanity
in order we can experience bounty, just and peaceful living.

We bow our heads; we fold our knees in supplication,
we entreat you, our Parent God to keep us going; to keep us moving.
Continue to give us the willpower to say NO to all the injustices occurring
in our individual lives, in the churches, in the communities, in the whole world.
Enable us to bring our heads up, to acknowledge our womanhood and
the courage to salute and even to raise our hands into fists.
Give us the strength to bring our murmurs, our sighs, our cries
into an explosive shout of RESISTANCE!
through prayers, poems, songs and dances and our struggles.
With you in our midst, we can surely face life’s challenges
because you never keep your distance from us, you are our life’s companion;
you let us fell your guidance and presence and make us aware of our strength;
you always affirm that we are also your God’s image and likeness.
Thus, we are always grateful to you, our Creator God
because you created us, WOMEN into this world;
not only to make love, produce babies and fill the word with humans
not only to care the children, nurture them into responsible men
not just as entertainers, domestic helpers nor low-paid labourers
not just being women to please the men!
You invited us to your sacred places and holy of holiest
You share us the calling of SERVANTHOOD in all aspects of life
You want us to be genuine instruments of your Love, Mercy and Service and
You call us to be bearers of the Good News to the world.

Make us. Move us. Gather us in your arms. Let us rise together in one accord
celebrating the wholeness and fullness of our WOMANHOOD with the rest
in a just, loving, peaceful and abundant world: the promise of SHALOM!
Continue to lead us, Triune God, as you bless each one of us,
another blissful year with your inexorable love for all. AMEN



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  1. womanclergy
    Mar 06, 2014 @ 03:12:56

    Reblogged this on womanclergy and commented:

    Remembering my grandmother Servillana Suico, my sister Josephine Maga and all the women who have touched my life…


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