relationship is …

should never be an enslavement
but a joy of growing and developing together
openness to new ideas, visions and dreams
honest sharing of joys and frustrations as couple,
discussion of problems and solutions as one
no lies, no betrayal but should there ever be
apply honesty as the best policy, no hesitation
admit and ask forgiveness when one commits wrong
cry and laugh like children with arms link
talk as best friends and enjoy the friendship and oneship
never feel shame to speak what is right and correct
have always courage to correct the wrong and rectify
forgiving and accepting back is easier and with comfort
re-discovering of one-self, other-self and the whole-self
holding hands and holding on tightly in prayers
overcoming differences and embracing commonalities
finding deeper meaning of life-lived together
savouring all the moment spent together
continue to dreams and never stop nor ever give up
if there is still love and trust remain to flame and to enrich
life is more relevant and meaningful when shared together
not only for the both of you but as well as for others
go on loving and caring together with spirit-filled intentions
express more in words coupled with actions, reaching out more
stretching wider horizons and possibilities a hundredfold
let the caring, loving and trusting each other ever flowing daily
in God’s grace with bountiful bliss
unfold your inner-selves like flowers blooming in fields
share nakedness without shame, enjoy the gifts of humanity
tasting the sweets and saltiness of bodies’ sweats and tears
it is by truly being YOU as ONE that really counts
looking deeply without seeing the windows to your souls
touching the innermost part of each other’s heart

relationship is…

by erahvilla maga-cabillas



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