You may not believe

You may not believe, but I experienced most of the times, insights, enlightenment, good thinking or whatever  or however you call them, always come in peculiar places or unexpected ones.  How the mind works? Here are few examples:

 What I think, what I feel and what I believe belongs to me, and will surely be mine!   I will never sit, never sleep, never rest without giving a damn good fight!  However,   what is not mine will never be mine;  It belongs to others, let it be , let it slips away, let it go and never mind.   I just realize: I want to feel in love with my self!

It just came to my mind while watching a cartoon movie after a good laugh. Then it slipped from my mind. After a week I recalled something similar thoughts and scribbled them on  a piece of paper and got it lost. One day I was sorting out some scratch papers and I happened to read it. I was trying to recall what book or  where I copied it. Then suddenly I remember it was from me.

In life, there is no such  thing as:                                                                                                                   right time                                                                                                                                                                 right moment                                                                                                                                                           right opportunity                                                                                                                                                   because it is you,  yourself  to Do IT:                                                                                                     create the right time                                                                                                                                    make the right moment                                                                                                                                         begin the right opportunity                                                                                                                                   NOW!

The above insights sparked to my mind while taking a bath one afternoon.  I was reaching the soap when it comes to me all of a sudden. When I stepped out from the bathroom, I forgot.  Five hours after, while walking with my youngest daughter toward the train station, (we were talking about something) I suddenly remembered the words. I cut her  in the middle while saying me  Tried to recall and said the words slowly to her but she was half listening to me wondering  and  when she could understand me, she busied herself with her mobile phone.

The  above insights were  THOUGHT S that somehow flashed in  fleeting seconds. When I missed to write them, then they just disappeared and forgotten.  I had many similar experiences happened from time to time but most of the times when my attention was caught to other things then they were just like bubbles in thin air. To date the first one was posted in my fb account some time ago.


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