Acceptance and letting go: Happy Easter!

On the day I was blocked outright by someone close to me from his FB account, I thought it was just a joke … because of my joke posted as comments in one of the pictures where he was in.  After a week, weeks and months passed (maybe after a year for we are now 2013, it happened last October 9, 2012), I began to realize it was no longer a joke!  The disconnection pains a lot especially when there was no enough notice; especially when you were not even asked and  given a chance to explain.  I am human and it was a torture when friends asked me about him.  Many times  I tried to search his FB account but alas, I am unknown to him. 

Time passed and I become used to it. When they asked me about him I just smiled and never told them. Every time I recall what he did to me, I always confront the pain, the hurt and the anger… would you believe my means of release? I just cry for an hour and slowly all ill feelings just slipped away.   My mantra is always: “God, heal me, I pray.  God, keep me strong and stronger everyday.”        

 Acceptance is a positive attitude of letting go and the best we can do is to train ourselves to learn to let go the fear of losing ourselves from those we deeply love and care so much. We just pray that somehow, they will remember and be reminded that we never stop connecting them through our prayers, good memories and happy thoughts.   

As we commemorate Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem today and as we celebrate the Palm Sunday let us be reminded always, that life is never a bed of roses. so as any relationship. Holy Week reminds us of Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion but it never ended there for he was able to overcome death and comes to us very alive on the Resurrection Sunday.




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