FAITHS IN HARMONY, beyond religious boundaries

What a blissful evening! Attended the People for Peace in its celebration for FAITHS IN HARMONY which was organized by the Peacemakers’ Circle and hosted by the Ananda Marga Center in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. T’was a very extraordinary evening with various religions and  faith traditions coming together praying for peace and harmony for the world. Representatives, monks, priests, pastors, sheik, imams, dadas and religious leaders from Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Bahai Faith, Shintoism, Indigenous Faith, as well as the different organizations like the World Pranic Healing Foundations- Phils., Shumei Phils., Brahma Kumaris, from the academe, etc.. expressed oneness through prayers, songs, dances, chants, poems, messages and greetings. So very grateful to experience such a one-in-a-kind opportunity as a priest, I thank Orlan de Guzman from Sanghabi Cultural Group Indigenous Spirituality, the Secretary and Program Coordinator of The Peacemakers Circle for the invite. Daghang salamat kaayo!

It was indeed a very wonderful experience where you are part of the coming together of various religions and faith traditions in one setting! Was really blessed. I would like to share here my prayers of joy and thanksgiving when I was called to offer a prayer. The prayer bellow is very similar or closed to the actual prayer, was so touched with that wonderful feelings maybe there were lines lacking here, (my apology)..

“Most Gracious and Loving God, we thank you for the various gifts you showered to us: the gift of breathing life from thy breathe; the gift of being together as one this evening; the gift of fellowship and sharing of our various faith traditions through prayers, songs, dances and chants as well as sharing food together; the gift of experiencing a wonderful and very extraordinary opportunity in our lifetime; Bless us all and make us genuine instruments of your Peace.  We know deep in our hearts that the world needs genuine peace, so make us a true instruments of your peace not only in this hall, not only in our community but into the whole world. May the Great Spirit will continue to inspire us and move us to be  genuine advocates and peacemakers. In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

The evening of March 14, 2013 was ended a blissful experience for me. It was really a Faith in Harmony, beyond religious boundaries and faith traditions differences.  Some of the highlights were the presentation of Moro-Christian youth and the gong dance of the Cordilleras where everybody danced following the lead from one of the faculty of Asian Social Institute (ASI) who is a Kankana-ey after her companion sang Dong-dong ay, Salidumay… Buddhist monks, Islam imams, Christian priests and lays, Shinto pastors, Ananda Marga dadas, Hindu babas, Shinto woman pastor, representatives from Bahai faith, Brahma Kumaris, teachers from La Salle St. Benilde, Atenio de Manila,  among others, joyfully and gracefully gyrated with the sound of gongs. The evening ended with a guided meditation and prayer by Grace from World Pranic Healing Foundaton. And lastly, a picture taking for those present.            

Thank you, Lord for the gift of life experience through dialogue of faith. AMEN! .  


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