Flood the Streets

I was preparing to leave to attend the 7:45 am Requim Mass for the late OM Ramento this morning, October 3, 2012  at the National Cathedral but a heavy rainfall started. As I waited the rain to subside, I decided to open my facebook account and wrote this poem in memory of Bishop Alberto Ramento.  A copy of this was given to Aldos and Altres, the sons of the bishop in time of the liturgical celebration in his honor of the Bishop at the Conference Center of the IFI located at the National Office Compound, Taft,Manila in the afternoon of October 3, 2012.


FLOOD THE STREETS                      October 3, 2012

today, gloomy October 3                                               Image
six years passed
remembered well
chalked mark on the floor
sprawled shape of the body
where Bishop Ramento
blood gushing on his side
with seven stub wounds
dropped dead
facing down
with his last breath

we mourned
of his untimely death
we cursed
the merciless perpetrators 
our hearts bled
with shaking hands
we clenched our fists
and shout for justice
in top of our voices
as we marched into the streets
head on with police truncheons 

six long years…
justice was never served
we were told by the Tarlac police
 it was robbery with homicide
no one believed including
the babies in their cribs
the truth, yet to be unfold
but no one hears us
even the higher courts
our leaders were snubbed
like the rest of the victims’ families

no amount of tears
shouting to the last sound
of our croaked voices
our sobs, our cries, our shouts
will never be heard
but, lo all IFIs young and old
with our brothers and sisters
from all corners of the world
come down raging 
with streamers, banners and flags
afire burning in our hearts 

altogether, let us flood the streets!


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