Incardination Rite of Rev. Leny Delbo-Sergio

The Reverend Delbo-Sergio was incardinated to the Diocese of Surigao on March 19, 2012.  The Incardination Rite was officiated by the The Right Reverend Rhee Timbang, the Bishop of the Diocese of Surigao, Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Philippine Independent Church) in Norteast Mindanao.

The Reverend Leny Delbo-Sergio was admitted to the Diocese starting last January 2012 after she passed the Board of Admission.  Rev. Leny, originally belonged to a diocese in Northern Luzon, Philippines.  Married and has two children, and presently separated from her family.  According to her, when she can settle in her new diocese, her family will follow soon.

As her fellow woman priest, I hope and pray that with her new found home-diocese,  The Reverend Leny will enhance more her capacities and potentials as  a woman priest as well as her gifts of calling through genuine service to the least in need.  Very thankful of the clergy of the Diocese of Surigao in welcoming their new member, the third woman priest in the diocese. may she grow in her ministry through the leadership of the Diocesan Bishop, His Grace Rhee Timbang. This was my message to Rev. Leny:

Women priests need to be given the chance and opportunity in this patriarchal society to exercise their capacities and capabilities and to prove their worth not for their selves but for the Lord. That they too can share the ordain ministry like the rest of men. So happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS REV. LENY on this very special day in your ministry.

The procession going to the Diocesan Cathedral before the rite (above).  Bishop Timbang laid hands to Rev. Leny during the Incardination Rite (below and the following photos of the event).

God bless you,  my dear sister, The Reverend Leny Delbo-Sergio!


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