life’s surprise

A friend just visited me.

She is four months on the way.

It was a surprise since she was a widow for about 4 years now and never heard she was linked to any hunk or into any relationship.  But I remember she told me once, “I am impressed with this guy” whom she introduced to me later. That was all and never doubted she  and he one day will be getting closer. 

I asked her the instant I realized she was pregnant: “Who is the father?”  She just smiled. I continue my inquiry, ” Who is the lucky guy?” She replied, “It’s okay, we are break already.” Then added while touching her belly, ” I am like Mary, the modern one but this is out of love”.

We burst laughing together, “Fool, you just wanted a baby,  how come you will not tell who made you love with?” She continue laughing and made out a fool of me, saying, “I had mentioned his name already but you missed it.”

I was silent for a sec because I did not clearly hear a name mentioned.  She said a place where we had visited last year and my eyes became wide remembering the guy that impressed her. 

“Crazy woman, how come? Surely there was no force, I meant who raped who? Did both of you enjoy?”  She nodded laughing and said, “Of course,  this is out of love! But I had no intention of getting married just because  I am pregnant. I am fine and happy only the father is coming after me.”

You have my blessing, congratulations for coming out crazy loving daring woman!

It will be impossible to have a union. The guy is a monk! 

Life is really full of surprises but I am happy for my friend. But who knows? I am a woman priest and married to a priest. We have four children who are proud with their parents as priests.

Two hundred years ago, I mean one hundred years ago… a married priest? a woman priest? No, never! LIFE IS REALLY FULL OF SURPRISES!






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